Good sound and lighting is the foundation of all public performance. But
loud and clear delivery of your message and effective visual impression is only the beginning. Behind the open mikes and lit spots is an operation the audience never sees, and doesn't care about. But you must. The matter of planning, logistics, transportation, staffing, construction, crewing up, every detail of which is vital to the success of your show. This entire operation, from the first sketch at the first meeting to the last truck rolling home after the last show, is the domain of Power Play AB. We're a full service company, our experience spans over twenty-five years and we're renowned for our flexibility and expertise. We supply, run and design PA systems and lighting and associated equipment, we supply technicians, crews, vehicles and transportation and we construct complete staging and rigging. If you have a show to put on, Power Play is your partner for its success. .

Full webpage will come in english soon. Thank you for your patience.